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The DCSabers Forsaken Scavenger,


Only 1 available.

Ships Jan 18th 2024


Forsaken Scavenger,


Alone and abandoned on Rafa V, our hero travels the wastes looking for redemption,


Scavenging to survive they push on, day after day to reach far reaching outposts in hope of the slightest bit of information on the whereabouts of there Master lost to the wilds.


Hope is what carrys them, with trust in the force, and this saber at there side....


The DCSabers Forsaken Scavenger is a limited edition build which includes the following -


Bespoke handmade custom saber,


Stainless Steel paneling with real heat staining.


Magnatised crystal reveal panels with multiple configurations.


Themed and removeable 3D printed chassis with Removeable battery capability and kill switch.


Proffie v2.2 with the full DCSabers Custom NeoPixel config.


28mm Bass Speaker with BOOMING sound


Custom Blade plug


2 year DCSabers Warranty


This saber does not come with a NeoPixel Blade or Charger.

DCSabers Forsaken Scavenger

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