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The DCSabers Hand Of Sauron , is the 3rd homage to Middle-Earth, for this varient we moved towards to the Darker Realm in colour scheme but with many more influences from the books avd movies, it's crafted from Brass, Aluminium and has a rotating one ring etched with the Black Speach

With a 360 degree windowed reveal, brass accents and black grip it looks dark and merciless like it belongs in the dark lord himself's hand, but alsofeels weighted and solid in construction.


Internally the saber houses a Proffie v2.2 0S7 with our custom LOTR themed font set up.

28mm Bass Speaker

NEW DCSabers fully removeable hand painted chassis core with kill switch and removable battery capability.

Due to hand made nature of this saber, weathering and art patterns maybe different from those pictured.

This saber does not come with a NeoPixel Blade or Charger.

DCSabers Hand Of Sauron

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