• DCSabers Raven

    The DCSabers Raven - Ragnarok Collection.
    The DCSabers Raven is a custom one off saber from the Ragnarok Collection.
    With simple but aggressive styling this saber is a force to be reconned with.
    Weatheted and rough round the edges this hilt has seen battle fit to satisfy the Gods! 
    The Raven is etched from emitter to pommel is Norse Mythology, symbolising a deep respect for this era of our history. 
    This hilt is pre installed with the masterful Golden Harvest V3, utilising the highest quality Tri Cree Leds available. 
    Booming sound with a 28mm high bass speaker, wired in 18650 Lithium Ion battery and smooth clicky tactile switch. 
    This saber comes complete with the DCSabers Premium Crystal Blade Plug only. 
    This saber is warranted for one year in accordance to our warranty terms and conditions. 
    This saber DOES NOT come with a blade or charger. 

      DCSabers 2020

      Nottingham, United Kingdom

      Email: DCSabersUK@gmail.com

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