• DCSabers Valhalla Matched Pair


    Introducing the DCSabers Valhalla Saber Custom DIY Hilt


    Both hilts decoratively etched and with the larger saber having the added Norse symbols of the Valknut, Yggdrasil, and the Vegvisir.

    Both of these hilts boast sleek lines with dual wielding combat in mind, with a comfortable crimson grip.


    The saber is 29cm long and is counter bored 90mm inside from the pommel end with an internal diameter of 28.5mm for ample instalation room.


    The Shoto is 25cm long and is counter bored 120mm from the pommel upwards with an internal diameter of 28.5mm.


    These Saber does not come with a blade plug or any other parts.

      DCSabers 2020

      Nottingham, United Kingdom

      Email: DCSabersUK@gmail.com

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