We are proud to finally be offering a NeoPixel blade we feel is hands down THE best in the industrty , we have tested many varients and have chosen our champion - The KR Sabers Pixel Stick V2


Features of this blade are:

  • LEDs mounted on both sides of the internal strip already staggered for best diffusion.
  • Rounded, hollow and parabolic shaped blade tips.
  • KR blade side PCB (highest copper weight on the market for maximum efficiency and brightness).
  • Cross compatible with ShtokCustomWorx and TCSS hilt side connectors.
  • Heavily tested LED Strip copper thickness to ensure the best efficiency and voltage drop.
  • Higher pixel density - more than the traditional 144 LEDs per metre!
  • Approximatley 35.5" Length. We do not offer custom lengths at this time. 1” Outer diameter. Thin walled. (7/8” OD coming soon).
  • Carefully chosen LED chips from reliable suppliers that offer the highest quality and brightness. 



A few points to note before purchasing. 


  • We do not approve these for heavy duelling. Mainly for warranty purposes. 
  • If using Proffie/Verso/CFX etc. You must define the amount of LED pixels in your config as 132 (if this is ordered with a DCSabers Hilt this will be done for you)
  • These blades are not sanded. We found that these blades perform better in terms of even illumination without sanding. If you prefer sanding, you can sand the outside of the blade yourself with 180-240 grit sandpaper. 


Unfortunately we cannot offer custom sizes at this time.

KR Sabers Pixel Stick V2