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Monthly Updates

Hi Everyone,


So it's that time again to update everyone on where we are and what we've being doing since the last update so let's just dive right in.


Update Service,


We've been quite slow on keeping a handle on the update service this last 30 days or so, this is purely down to just genuinely not having any time at all, but I want to assure those who have line work and installs that we are still progressing with most tickets seeing jumps in their personal tickets when we do update in the next few days.


Third party Installs,


Now we have our Plecter consignment and the new Golden Harvest boards we are working flat out to get caught up with our own line work some of which dated back to February/March time before this horrendous board situation closed in, this has put all third party installs on the back foot a tad just until we've caught up.

Once we are where we need to be we will be smashing through those installs too and customers will see their commissions back where they rightfully belong.


Third Party Installer


This month we opened up a position for an installation sub contractor who is able to work closely with us in 2019


If we find the right candidate our installation wait times will literally be cut in half.


If you know of anyone that might be interested send them here -



Christmas operating times.


We are planning to work for the most part over the Christmas holiday to continue to catch up but we will not be available for communication from close of business Friday the 21st and then back again as usual on the 2nd of Jan 2019.


New Products.


We are excited to announce that this month we will be offering saber staff variants of all of our sabers currently in production, and these will be 100% combat effective as is the rest of our work, they will come either in staff form and also available to break down to two separate sabers for duel wielding as standard.


Because of this we will be finally releasing The DCSabers Harpy, but more on that soon.


This month we released our new battle hilt the DCSabers Seraph which is doing quite well and also our DCSabers Jericho Special Edition has done exceptionally well in both feed back and orders which is really positive.


Christmas Orders.


We are working hard to get all orders we can out before Christmas, we understand many people would prefer this as we've had a few requests but oddly enough we haven't had any Christmas specific orders this year.. Which makes it A, easier and B, fairer on everyone that's waiting as we just continue as normal in getting them all done which is better for everybody.


Round Up,


There's elements from our last update that we are still to finalise such as our classic edition Jericho and a few other bits to watch out for imminently


We're really pushing to end what has been a ridiculously testing year on a high note, and as always our clients patience and support, especially from those who have waited for so so long, we appreciate it so much.


Kind regards