Our Style & Sabers

Here at DCSabers we make a huge variety of Custom Lightsabers, we make everything by hand on manual machinery, we do not dropship or sell any sabers that we do not make ourselves.

We like being exceptionally creative, usually taking a vast amount of time to perfect the sabers that we then sell.

One of our favourite things to do is create sabers that mix with other cultures and sub cultures we are interested in, such as Vikings and Video Games etc.

We use many different types of materials to achieve our signature style, these include Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Wood, and some precious stones!

Below you will find some examples of our previous commissions.

Unfortunately thee sabers were of a one off nature and already sold, but if this type of style speaks to you, our commissions like this start at £650 upwards and you can get the ball rolling by contacting us HERE

Additionally we also sell a small line of sabers from our Etsy shop for both DIY enthusiasts and for those whod like a complete package and this can be found HERE

 Valhalla Knight