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Here at DCSabers we stand by our work, the components and the most importantly the customers that choose to order from us that is why all orders from our own line are covered with us for 2 years from the date of dispatch.

The DCSabers Warranty begins the day your saber is dispatched

The DCSabers Warranty is Non Transferable

***If you experience a fault that is not covered please still get in touch as we may still be able to help***

The Process

  1. To make a warranty claim either message us using our contact form or on our social media outlets.

  2. We will get back in touch with you and book a time to run some short diagnostics remotely.

  3. If unsuccessful the saber will need to be sent back to the workshop for full diagnostics to ascertain the fault.

  4. If the fault is covered under warranty we will repair as needed and organise a return.

  5. If in the event that the fault is not covered under warranty we will be in touch to offer other options.

  6. The saber will be returned.


If the saber needs to be returned for evaluation we will provide the postage labels for return, if the saber is determined to be out damaged outside of the included Warranty, customers agree to pay for the costs of postage incurred in returning and sending the saber back.

DCSabers retains the right to use any postage means in the return of warranty repaired items when we return it to you.

Warranty repairs may take up to 4 weeks or longer depending on the severity.

What's Covered:

  • Faulty LED / NeoPixel lighting system.

  • Faulty internal hardware/wiring

  • Usage components ( switches recharge ports etc)

  • 90 days coverage on FX cards as per the FX card manufacturers policies 

  • Defective DCSabers hilts ( not available on 3rd party installed hilts )

  • Pixel Stick NeoPixel Blades are only covered for 6 months and for defects arising from construction, they are NOT covered for 


This warranty does not cover any damage due to but not limited to -

  • Accidental Damage

  • User based Proffie configuration errors

  • Damaged Paint/art work due to misuse

  • Wiring damage from incorrect use

  • Drops especially resulting in damaged speakers

  • Misuse

  • Abuse 

  • Negligence

  • Improper Handling including untightening RGB or NeoPixel retention Screws

  • Modifications

  • Normal wear and tear  

  • Any maintenance or attempted repair by any party other than DCSabers

  • Stripped or locked grub screw or pommel threads ( with any saber if you overtighten the retention screws you will strip the thread it is only user error and is not covered.

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