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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the new and improved update service.

This service will update twice a week on a Monday and a Friday.

We will soon be adding a system that will allow you to track where you are within our install queue, giving you a better idea on where you are in that process also.


July 12th

Over the last 3 weeks we have focused heavily on streamlining our processes, we are growing quite rapidly and its fantastic, we thank every single one of you for ordering from us.

FX Card Shortage - Currently there is a global shortage on semiconductors used in almost all circuit boards this has now caught up with the saber community and there is now a sound card shortage because of this.

We have a solid stock of boards still and we are now sourcing what we need internationally and outside of our usual supply lines, its costing more from a demand and logistical point of view but we have decided to absorb it ourselves rather than halt production, although not ideal this may increase lead times slightly while we wait for deliveries etc.. but again, far better than stopping production.


 LAST UPDATED - 23rd July

Legacy Backlog Hilts 2020

Jericho - Preparing to ship

Forgotten - Dispatched

Morrigan - Preparing to ship

DCSabers Valhalla

      DCV01 - Preparing for dispatch

      DCV02 - Installing 

      DCV03 - Installing

      DCV04 - Ready For Install

      DCV05 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)


      DCV06 - Parts Ordered

DCSabers Warrior Of Galadhrim

       WOG01 - RE-Installing

       WOG02 - Ready For Install

       WOG03 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)

       WOG04 - Parts ordered

DCSabers Vanheim 

       DCVA01 - Ready For Install

       DCVA02 - Ready For install (Awaiting FX Card)

DCSabers Sith Battle Saber

       BSS01 - Ready For Install


       BSS02 - Ready For install (Awaiting FX Card)

DCSabers Jedi Battle Saber

       BSJ01 - Installing 

       BSJ02 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)

       BSJ03 - Hilt Cut

DCSabers Morrigan 

       DCM01 - Installed

       DCM02 - Installing

       DCM03 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)

       DCM04 - Parts Ordered

DCSabers Jericho

       DCJ01 - Styling Hilt 

       DCJ02 - Hilt Etched

       DCJ03 - Hilt Styled (Awaiting FX Card)

DCSabers Knight Of Gondor

       KOG01 - Installing 

       KOG02 - Installing

       KOG03 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)

DCSabers Alfhiem

       DCSAL01 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)

       DCSAL02 - Parts Ordered

DCSabers Forgotten


       DCF01 - Parts Ordered