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June Update




June update Hi Saber Friends here is the update for June!


Web Store and Etsy,


DCSabers Web Store is now LIVE!


And not only that we’ve began the transition away from Etsy. Etsy fees have gotten absolutely out of control, and it’s now at a point that we do not feel that Etsy is good for our business portfolio, we DO NOT want to raise our prices, we feel everything is priced very reasonably..


So we opened our Web Store and our prices are now CHEAPER than on Etsy because instead of absorbing some extra profit from not paying as many fees we thought it’d be a good option to pass some of that saving on to our clients.. So we did :)


Take a look using the link above, it clearly shows the RTS status of all of the sabers available too.


Competition Time!


And to celebrate this, anyone that buys from our Web Store (Not Etsy) in June will get a chance to win an Obi Wan Kenobi series inspired display case!




Last month was exceptionally busy, and the leaps we made on all aspects of the business were huge, with two of us here now and working solidly we managed to clear everything planned on the Backlog plus keeping our RTS sabers moving with that side of the business increasing in popularity.


Last month we cleared All Standard Alfhiems, Gondors, and Sith Battle Sabers off of the Backlog leaving only 4 previous models left, The Forgotten, Jedi Battle Sabers, Galadhrim and Morrigan for June.


So far we are 75% complete on Forgotten and Galadhrim, with the rest of these expected to ship this weekend or latest early next week, followed closely by the Jedi Battle Sabers and finally the Morrigan, we’re a few days behind schedule but we’re positive we will catch up!


Warrior Of Galadhrim Special Editions and Forgotten will be coming up RTS shortly.


Master Builds,


We are in the process of getting in touch with the folks on our Master Build log, now that we have Ben up to speed and working hard on your RTS line, my time is now a lot more dynamic than before, I’m expecting to be completing master builds every 14 days now so all you that have waited so excellently and patiently for me, you will be contacted with an update and estimated completion date, all those who need vid calls to finalise details will be booked in also! Very excited to show you all what we've been up to on this front.


Kind regards

John and Team



Morrigan Version Upgrade

To those with a standard Morrigan on order we have just finally released a new a new version, this is now available to you as a FREE upgrade, I will automatically create this new version for you but if you DO NOT want the upgrade drop me a message on any of our social platforms or ETSY.

(this cannot be exchanged on any order this ONLY applies to standard Morrigan orders)

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