Service Updates

December 1/12/2021

December Update 1

Hi everyone I hope you’re all well, its about time I released this long awaited update log apologies it’s taken so long, but as is tradition I’m incredibly overwhelmed with work and trying my hardest to get sabers to people for Christmas.

DCSabers has barrelled through changes in the last 3 months, we are continuing to grow, understand more and are striving to become a more Professional and efficient outfit moving forward.

We are focusing heavily on our communication (or lack of, in some cases), our Lead times and the way we conduct all future business.

We are very aware that our sabers are well received and people like them, but the way we conduct the customer experience around that is sub par.. We are fully committed to rectifying this as a top priority from today.

As such we have updated our terms to reflect what's outlined in this document these terms can be found HERE

Black Friday:

DCSabers did not participating in any Black Friday “deals” this year, the fact is our sabers we feel are already incredibly well priced with a good range to suit most reasonable budgets, many creatives like ourselves feel that putting our products on a sale undervalues the process plus we have an duty outstanding to those that have already purchased and are waiting for sabers on our backlog and as such we did not take part.

Backlog and moving to RTS:

The timeless issue of sabers owed is nearing its end, we have a total of 59 sabers left to make on our entire log, ranging from ones ordered months ago to those ordered just yesterday.. And then that’s it.

The bottom line Is that for DCSabers pre order and pre paid DOES NOT WORK.. So as of December 1st our online store and our Etsy will only sell sabers and products that are strictly Ready To Ship with no sabers available that will have a 16+ week lead time.

Small customisations such as fabric or grip types, paint schemes etc will still be available

The only exceptions to this are sabers that have custom etching to which we will only offer 5 slots and the limited custom one offs, to which we will only take jobs that seriously appeal to us and limited to 3 slots on the books at any one time.

We feel going forward this is the only way to ensure a complete and high calibre customer experience.

This means that as of December 1st customers can order from us with no lead time, fast shipping and eliminates the frustrating waits or patchy communication.. which is by far the worst part of our service that we offer.


No saber model that is currently on the backlog that people have already paid for but not yet received will be available RTS until all of these models are with their owners, I cannot stress this enough, GETING YOUR SABERS TO YOU IS FIRST AND FOREMOST THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO US.

There will be no shutdown over the Christmas holidays for us this year, other than 24th/25th/26th we will be working straight through into the new year to action everything that is outlined here.

Backlog Time Frames:

We are absolutely flying at the minute, and shipping around 10+ fully installed sabers a week, were aiming to beat that week on week, and although we state we are not responsible for time frames in our terms, we are trying our absolute hardest to ship as many as we can by the deadline for Christmas delivery, failing that everyone's Sabers will be with them by Jan 31st or sooner.

Sound Cards:

Currently we are offering the Golden Harvest V3 Phase 4 sound card as standard.
Verso, CFX and Proffie are currently unavailable for our builds until further notice unless already agreed on a current open order.

We have anew consignment of FX cards from a different manufacturer to trial in the next few weeks.

And I'm happy to confirm that anyone on the backlog that ordered a basic stunt saber is now receiving a free upgrade to RGB stunt which has colour changing and other FX for Free, just as those that ordered Verso now have the much better Golden Harvest V3.

Update Service :

We trialled an update service on our website for 4 months to try and keep customers informed on the status of their builds, unfortunately this proved to be incredibly difficult to maintain with the site builder we used and how quickly it all changed, it ended up being extremely time consuming in the back office and subsequently given our switch to RTS on December 1st we are now ending the service, but keeping this new update log in effect twice a month from now on.

We feel Its far more important spending time making these outstanding hilts than trying to keep tabs on making this element work.

Chassis :

All internal chassis and blade holder work is now done in house, all current one off commissions will benefit from wireless installs if the design permits it.

All customers with paid Etsy or PayPal orders but not yet received will benefit from our new wired chassis versions also which are far more suited to the task and support long term wiring integrity.

New Saber Versions :

The Morrígan design was upgraded last month, all customers with this on order will be upgraded to this model for free if they wish.

The Forgotten design has now been green lit to receive a long awaited upgrade, all customers with this on order will be upgraded to this model for free.

Twitch and Live Streams:

After a tedious but much needed workshop clear out we have now moved our install station into a better suited room, this means our live streams will now fully resume with better camera angles, sound and other bits.

Conclusion :

The Team here are working flat out to get sabers out, we are shipping faster than ever before and we will continue doing so.

Thank you to everyone still waiting for your patience, thank you to our supporters and followers we are striving to be better!

Dominique, Kayla and John
The DCSabers Team

Morrigan Version Upgrade

To those with a standard Morrigan on order we have just finally released a new a new version, this is now available to you as a FREE upgrade, I will automatically create this new version for you but if you DO NOT want the upgrade drop me a message on any of our social platforms or ETSY.

(this cannot be exchanged on any order this ONLY applies to standard Morrigan orders)


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