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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the new and improved update service.

This service will update on a Friday.

We will soon be adding a system that will allow you to track where you are within our install queue, giving you a better idea on where you are in that process also.


September 6th

Global Aluminium Shortage

This situation still is a headache but we are now buying in advance with our suppliers and being kept in the loop, as it stands I don't expect this affect any of our orders!

FX Card Shortage - UPDATED Good and bad news on this front


The Bad News

Getting Proffie is still very difficult, especially as they are now being sold when available for + 100% more than their original market value, we've now got all Proffies for existing orders that originally paid for them, but they will be unavailable for new commissions until further notice.

We are waiting  on further information about the new Verso board

The Good News


We now have good reoccurring stock levels of Golden Harvest V3 Phase 4 sound cards and will be moving forward with these!

So what does all  that mean for my saber?

Obviously to those that monitor this page things haven't moved to quickly on this front for the last 4 weeks, I have been heavily focused on some Custom one offs that have been on my log since December and January, among a few other bits and set backs outside of DCSabers.

With this now out of the way though you will see this list begin to complete a lot quicker which means your sabers are coming thick and fast.

Thank you so much for your support and patience !

Have a great week!

Weekly Update Service

 LAST UPDATED - 23rd September 2021

 Next update will be 1st October 2021 

DCSabers Valhalla

      DCV01 - Preparing for dispatch

      DCV02 - Installing 

      DCV03 - Installing

      DCV04 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)

      DCV05 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)


      DCV06 - Parts Ordered (Awaiting FX Card)

DCSabers Warrior Of Galadhrim

       WOG01 - Installed

       WOG02 - Ready For Install

       WOG03 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)

       WOG04 - Parts ordered (Awaiting FX Card)

DCSabers Vanheim 

       DCVA01 - Dispatched

       DCVA02 - Dispatched


       DCVA03 - Installing

       DCVA04 - Hilt Cut

DCSabers Sith Battle Saber

       BSS01 - Ready For Install


       BSS02 - Ready For install (Awaiting FX Card)

DCSabers Jedi Battle Saber

       BSJ01 - Installing 

       BSJ02 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)

       BSJ03 - Ready For Install

DCSabers Morrigan 

       DCM01 - Installed

       DCM02 - Installing

       DCM03 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)

       DCM04 - Parts Arrived (Awaiting FX Card)


       DCM05 - Parts Ordered 

       DCM06- Hilt Cut

DCSabers Jericho

       DCJ02 - Dispatched

       DCJ03 - Installing 

DCSabers Knight Of Gondor

       KOG01 -Quality Control 

       KOG02 - Installing

       KOG03 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)

DCSabers Alfhiem

       DCSAL01 - Ready For Install (Awaiting FX Card)

       DCSAL02 - Parts Ordered (Awaiting FX Card)

DCSabers Forgotten


       DCF01 - Parts Ordered (Awaiting FX Card)