Update Service



Welcome to the new DCSabers build updates pages here you will find the most up to date information on the progress of your build, we have designed this service because due to demand we are now no longer able to offer individual updates.

It is our aim to update the update document twice a week.

For a FULL rundown on what to expect and estimated time frames please consult our 

Terms of Service which can be found HERE

Click HERE for the update document

Here is how it works

When you purchase a Custom Lightsaber with us you will receive a message either through Etsy messages if your ordered through Etsy, or via Email if you ordered through PayPal within 48 hours, this message will include a Batch Number which will correspond to the batch of sabers yours belongs to.

For Installed hilts the batch number will look like this IHB01

For Hilt Only hilts the batch number will look like this HOB01

Once you come to the update page, locate your batch number and you will see the most up to date information we are able to share.

PLEASE NOTE - We work on several batches at once, being in a earlier batch number does not necessarily  mean your batch will completed first, among other factors batch numbers are dependent on when and what has been ordered.

Here is how the update of the manufacturing process works  :

  1. Sabers Assigned to Batch

  2. Build Started

  3. Hilts Cut

  4. Hilts Etched

  5. Hilts Styled - ( If you have ordered a Hilt Only from here it will skip stages 6-8 )

  6. Ready for Install / Installing

  7. Installed

  8. Testing

  9. Processing for dispatch

  10. Dispatched


If there is an issue with any of the batches such as a component shortage etc you will see this :

99. Exception - (in this section will be a description of the exception)